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Yonjige New Energy Technology Company in Productronica China 2023

From April 13th to 15th, Yongjie New Energy Technology Company attended the Productronica China 2023 in Shanghai. To a matured manufacturer of wiring harness tester, Productronica China is a vast platform which enables manufacturers and users to communicate. It is firstly good for the manufacturers to show off its strength and advantages, also good for the manufacturers to understand users' new demands.

On the exhibition, Yongjie displayed the self-innovated test stations and obtain large concern from interested users. Customers and related users had put forward many questions about technology and operation. They also had passionate discussion on hardware and software.
Test stations on the exhibition are:

H Type Cardin (Cable Tie) Mounting Test Stand

First innovated by Yongjie company, flat material barrel is applied to the Cardin Mounting Test Stand. Advantages of the new innovated test stand are:

1. The flat surface enables the operators to place the wiring harness smoothly without any obstacle. The flat surface also provide better view during operation.

2. The depth of material barrels is adjustable according to different length of cable clips. The flat surface concept reduces working intensity and improves working efficiency by enable the operators to access material without lifting their arms.

Induction Test Station

Induction Test Stations are categorized to 2 types based on functions. Which are Plug-in Guiding Platform and Plug-in Guiding Test Platform.

1. Plug-in Guiding Platform instructs the operator to operate per preset procedure with diode indicators. This avoids the mistakes of terminal plug-in.

2. Plug-in Guiding Test Platform will complete the conducting test at the same time as plug-in.

Low Voltage Cardin (Cable Tie) Mounting Test Stand

Function Description:
1. Preset the position of cable ties on the wiring harness
2. Be able to detect missing cable ties
3. With error proofing by color identification of cable ties
4. Platform of the test stand can either be horizontal or tilted for different manufacturing situation
5. Platform of the test stand can be replaced for different manufacturing situation

Post time: May-31-2023