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About Us


Founding and Marketing

In the year of 2013, Shantou Yongjie New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. ( will be mentioned as Yongjie in the following) was officially founded. Yongjie is located in Shantou City, a beautiful seaside city by South China Sea and one of the first four country registered Special Economic Zone. It has been 10 years since Yongjie was founded and became qualified vendors to dozens of major domestic manufacturer of wiring harness. For example, BYD, THB (final customer as NIO Vehicle), Shuangfei at Liuzhou (final customer as Bao Jun), Qunlong (final customer as Dongfeng Motor Corporation). Furthermore, stimulated by the long business history of Shantou City and enhanced by the 32 years experience of the founder, Yongjie has achieved granted from international customers. Yongjie's products have been exported to South East Asia such as Malaysia and Indonesia. At this moment, Yongjie is working his best to cooperate with wiring harness manufacturer in Europe and America so as to play an important role in the wiring harness testing field.

Our Products

Wiring Harness Test System such as: New Energy High Voltage Test System, New Energy Cardin Test System, Low Voltage Wiring Harness Test System.  Manufacturer related products such as conducting test fixture, assembly line, assembly fixture and stainless steel fork.


Our Team

Yongjie has strong engineering background and technical power. Founder has over 32 years of experience in this field. Main designers have more than 10 years experience in this position. After-Sales engineers have provided hundreds of warranty and service which were highly accepted and granted by customers. The team has 13 machining centers and associated manufacturing equipment which enables the team to maintain steady output for any complex solutions. Assembly personnel of the team has rich experience and high quality acknowledgement to make sure what comes out from Yongjie is always the best.


Company Culture

Human Base, Develop together with customers.
Yongjie provides professional training for its employees and vast career expectation.
The working atmosphere is positive and effective.
Colleagues help each other.
Yongjie arrange team building activities timely to build up sense of team and belongings.
Employees will be proud to ever work in Yongjie.