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Automobile Wiring Harness Conducting Test Station

Short Description:

This station is to test the circuit situation including conducting, breaking, shorts together with air tightness and installation check of parts.

Product Detail

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Test items include:

● Circuit conducting
● Circuit breaking
● Short circuit
● Air tightness test
● Installation check of terminals
● Installation check of locks and accessories
● Bending test of male terminals

Critical Parts

● Monitor
● Printer
● Conducting Test Fixture
● Usb And Probe Fixture
● Master Eject Switch
● Air Gun
● Exhaust Fan
● Air Source Processor
● Main Power Supply
● Lamp Board
● Shield Plate
● Acquisition Card
● I/O Box
● Power Box

Test Description

● 2 display formats
>> 1. Graphic display with single socket
>> 2. Graphic display with sockets connection of complete wire harness

● Test items include circuit condition, air tightness test and installation check

● Tester uses yanhua industrial computer with voltage @5v

● Testing points: 64 points per test unit and expandable to 4096 points

● Multiple programming schedules such as programming by wire harness drawing

● Self-learning mode and manual learning mode

● 3 testing modes: Memorized mode, non-memorized mode and routine inspection mode

● Diode direction test

● Airbag line recheck

● Function test of indicator

● Can customize i/o points

● Voice prompt function

● Start program by scanning barcode

● Variable supported for printing. Can print report/label with logo and 2d barcode

● Scan barcode to confirm the unlock of functions after qualified

● Function test of relay, 8-12v

● Image recognition of fuse addable

● Software compatible to mes system

Test Procedure

1. Confirm the cleanliness of all fixtures and connectors. if not, clean them with air gun.
2. Connect to compressed air and adjust the pressure of oil/water separator.
3. Start the station by connecting to power source and turning on the main switch.
4. According to different wire harness, start the relevant testing program and enter the test interface.
5. Take the wire harness under test, plug the sockets to suitable fixtures under the instruction of guiding indicators.
6. If the wire harness has passed the test, system will pop up a notice to print label and be ready for next wire harness. if not, superior should be informed to manually unlock the fixture. Color green stands for short circuit and mismatch. Color red stands for open circuit.

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