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New Energy Integrated Test Station

Short Description:

A new innovated integrated test station for new energy wire harness of new energy vehicles.

Product Detail

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Test items include:

● Conducting Loop test ( including lead resistance test )
● Air tightness test ( multiple modules connected to air tightness tester )
● Insulation resistance test
● High Potential test

This station tests conducting, circuit breaking, short circuit, wire mismatch, high potential, insulation resistance, air tightness and water proof of new energy wire harness. The station will automatically create a 2D barcode to save the data of test and relevant information. It will also print out a PASS/FAIL label. By doing so, an integrated test for wire harness is done with one operation same as a normal cable. Testing efficiency is greatly increased.

Critical Parts

● Monitor ( display real time testing condition )
● High voltage test module
● High voltage tester
● Printer
● Test channels ( 8 channels each group, or so called 8 testing points )
● Raster elements ( photocell protection device. Test will stop automatically with any unexpected intruder for safety consideration )
● Alarm
● High voltage warning label

Test Description

1. Regular conducting test
Connect the terminals correctly with connectors
Confirm the position of connection
Test the conduction

2. Voltage resistance test
To test the voltage resistance performance between terminals or between terminals and connector house
Max A/C voltage up to 5000V
Max D/C voltage up to 6000V

3. Water proof and air tightness test
By testing the air input, air pressure stability and volume change, the precision tester and PLC can define OK or NG with certain amount of data collecting, calculating and analyzing the leaking rate and leaking values.
Basic theory is to inject certain value of air into the house of the parts. Test the pressure data of the house after preset time. The pressure data will drop if leakage exist.

4. Insulation and voltage resistance test
To test the electric resistance between 2 random terminals, the insulation resistance between terminals and house, and the insulation voltage resistance between terminals and/or other parts.

Safety Precaution

In the process of testing, the test will stop automatically when the raster detects any unexpected intruders. This is to avoid safety accident with operators getting too close to the high voltage tester.


The testing software can do various program set up based on different products or different customers.

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