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Automobile and Electronic Wire Harness Assembley Line

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A wiring harness assembly line is a process of producing high-quality wire harnesses that are used in various applications such as automobiles, electronic devices, and industrial machinery. The wiring harness assembly line involves several steps that need to be followed to ensure the final product is of high quality and meets all the required standards

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Here are some of the steps involved in the wiring harness assembly line:

● 1. Wire Cutting: The first step in the wiring harness assembly line is to cut the wires to the required length. This is done using a wire cutting machine that ensures consistent and accurate cutting.

● 2. Stripping: After the wire is cut to the required length, the wire's insulation is stripped using an insulation stripping machine. This is done to ensure that the copper wire is exposed so that it can be crimped to the connectors.

● 3. Crimping: Crimping is a process of attaching connectors to the exposed wire. This is done using a crimping machine that applies pressure to the connector, ensuring a secure connection.

● 4. Soldering: Soldering is a process of melting solder on the joint between the wire and the connector to ensure a secure and long-lasting connection. Soldering is usually used in applications where there is a high vibration or mechanical stress applied.

● 5. Braiding: Braiding is a process of interlocking or overlapping wires to form a protective sleeve around a single or multiple wires. This helps to protect the wires from abrasion or damage.

● 6. Taping: Taping is a process of wrapping the finished wire harness with insulating tape to protect it from moisture, dust or any other external factors that may damage the wire.

● 7. Quality Control: Once the wire harness is completed, it goes through a quality control process to ensure that it meets certain standards and specifications. This is done by testing the wire harness for conductivity, insulation resistance, continuity, and other criteria.

In conclusion, the wiring harness assembly line is a complex and critical process that involves several steps to ensure the production of a high-quality wire harness. Each step in the process must be carefully executed to achieve the desired result, and the finished product should meet all the required standards and specifications.


Yongjie provides strong and solid structure for the assembly line. The operation platform can be tilted against the operator as picture shows.


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