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Automobile Wiring Harness: The Central Nervous System of Vehicle

Automobile wiring harness is the major network body of the automobile electric circuit. It is an electronic control system to provide electric power and electronic signal. Currently the automobile wiring harness is identically formed with cable, junction and wrapping tape. It has to be able to guarantee the transmission of electric signal together with the reliability of the circuit connection. Also, it has to make sure to transmit signals within regulated current to avoid electro-magnetic interference even short circuit. Wiring harness could be named as the central nervous system of the vehicle. It connects central control parts, vehicle control parts, electric and electronic executing parts and all components which finally build a complete vehicle electric control system.

Function wise, wiring harness can be categorized to power cable and signal cable. Within which the power cable transmits current and the cable itself is normally with larger diameter. Signal cable transmits input command from sensor and electric signal so signal cable is usually multiple core soft copper wire.

Material wise, automobile wiring harness is different to cables for home appliance. Cable for home appliance is normally single core copper wire with certain hardness. Automobile wiring harness are multiple core copper wires. Some are even tiny wires. Couples even dozens of soft copper wires are wrapped with plastic isolated tube or PVC tube which to be soft enough and hard to be broken.

About production process, automobile wiring harness is very special comparing to other wires and cables. Production systems include:

European system including China applies TS16949 as a control system over production

Japanese systems are used by Japan manufacturers represented by Toyota and Honda.

With more functions added to automobiles, electronic controls are widely applied. More electric and electronic parts and more cables and wires are used thus the wiring harness becomes thicker and heavier. Under this circumstance, some top automobile manufacturers introduce the CAN cable assembly which uses multiple path transmission system. Comparing to traditional wiring harness, the CAN cable assembly dramatically reduces the quantity of junctions and connectors which also makes the wiring arrangement easier.

Post time: May-31-2023